4 Unlikely Sources of Home Decor Inspiration That Will Surprise You

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How many times have you walked into someone’s home and thought “wow… I never would have thought of that?” We’ve all had that “wow” moment, and that “wow” moment could be a good thing and a bad thing! But at that moment, did you ever wonder what inspired that type of decor? It certainly made you think, didn’t it?

decor inspiration
decor inspiration

Well when it comes to your own home decor, what do you have in your home? What inspired you? We’re all inspired by many different things. Some people are inspired by shapes, some are inspired by nature, and some are inspired by colors.

The fun thing about inspiration is seeing how it is displayed, whether it be through fashion or home decor. Today, we’re going to take a look at some unlikely sources of inspiration and see how it’s being displayed in the home.


Believe it or not, some people decorate their homes according to what type of mood they’re in. Decorating by mood can be a good thing… if you’re in a good mood! Sometimes when we decorate, we don’t even realize we’re decorating according to our mood.

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pale pink is just so timeless, and it always adds a touch of glamour
pale pink is just so timeless, and it always adds a touch of glamour

You might go into a home and see their living room decorated in bright colors, the windows are open letting the sunshine in, everything is in place, and the home just has a cozy feel to it. That home was probably decorated by someone who was in a good mood and took the time to enjoy decorating.

That’s not to necessarily say that someone whose home is decorated in darker colors is always in a bad mood, but they might not have felt like decorating at the time or may have had something going on during that period of decorating and those instances can easily be reflected in the decor by way of things just being placed anywhere and decor being half-done.

dark interior
dark interior

This might sound crazy, but our moods do affect our behaviors sometimes without us even realizing it. That’s like grocery shopping when you’re hungry. Instead of going to the store and buying what is on the list, we tend to buy way more food than intended… all because we’re hungry. I’ll give you another example… Taylor Swift. You can tell when she’s in a happy relationship, and when she’s miserably single, all through her music.

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I say all that to say, moods do have an effect on our behaviors and can directly or indirectly play a role in how we decorate our homes depending on what type of mood we’re in. It can be a little off-putting sometimes, but it can also be quite comical at times too!


There is a fascination with the past that is still apparent today. We have television shows and movies in full-color today, but there are some of us who still enjoy the nostalgic simplicity of black and white. Some people enjoy it so much that they incorporate this “old-timey” element in their home decor.

Vintage-Kitchen-Design - Nostalgia to Classic Charm and Beauty
Vintage Kitchen- Design – Nostalgia to Classic Charm and Beauty

You can take a family portrait today and have it printed out in black and white to age it and give it a timeless and classic quality. People also capture the beauty of black and white through stock photography. Taking this route to showcase black and white will highlight the artistic side of yourself and your home. With this type of photography being on display in your home, it can help emphasize a particular emotion you want without having to physically display it yourself with just the click of a button.

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You know how there are those couples that live together and have their home decorated in everything relating to them… yes, it’s a real thing. You will see “his” and “hers” coffee mugs and decorative pillows, or the cute picture frames that say “thankful for us.” This type of decor is actually very sweet… in moderation, but the decor can get a little obsessive at times. This is one of many interior design mistakes people make more often than you think

Love is beautiful and has no boundaries, but sometimes the obsession of love can get out of hand with the decor. I don’t want to say it but what if something happens and the relationship ends? Your home would be pretty empty being that you would probably get rid of all the couple-themed decor. This can be a terrifying thought for some people but you have to be realistic. On the flip side, in your newly single state, it would be the perfect time for you to give your home a fresh new look by experimenting with innovative home decor styles.

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In this day and age, we’re obsessed with technology. We want all the latest gadgets and to follow the hottest interior design trends. In doing that, does that mean we have to leave the past in the past? Not at all. In fact, there are plenty of homes that mix a little bit of old with the new. The “old” comes in the form of antiques.

Timeless Design Eastnor Castle, in England
Timeless Design Eastnor Castle, in England

I personally love antiques… they add character to any room and instantly become a conversation piece in a room full of modern technology and decor. For someone who travels a lot, you might see antique globes or suitcases in their living room… near their 70-inch flat screen television! Nonetheless, the room is still probably gorgeous with the old and new mixed in. That’s if they were in the right mood when they first decorated it!

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