A Residential Haven In Educator Built On A Fully Open Concept

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Gabriel Rivera designed the new Tacuri house in the Educator and we must say that this house is built with an amazing open living concept. The best part about this stunning house is that it’s built to respect the natural environment. Yes, you read it right and so far the most impressive step taken by builders was that they didn’t cut of the trees during building the house.

Right now the Casa Tacuri is all built around trees and well, we must say that it’s a one stunning place to live. Another thing to know about this house is that it’s built in Nayon that is a little parish. The Nayon town is world famous for the Cumbaya valley and for the fresh, stunning and wild Algoborro trees. This town is a few minutes away from a very busy and bustling city yet, the trees are always full of birds chirping and singing around on the trees.

The Tacuri house has a U shaped floor plan because it actually slopes down along with the land as we said earlier that the builders and designers wanted to respect the environment around. So, they didn’t do anything that disrupted the land, the trees and even the roots etc of the trees and the plants. The floor plan of this house comes with total three different volumes and each volume is covered with glass through which people can see what’s happening inside the house.

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As far as the exterior is concerned, well, it’s also beautifully made with high quality honey wood and concrete. In fact, this house also comes with a sun room where the window allows all the natural sunlight to come inside. The sunroom is basically built on the roof so that the Sun rays can enter the room directly. Then comes the master suite that lies on the top volume of the house and the mid or the second volume of the house comes with two small but luxurious and cozy bedrooms.

The master room is also covered with some beautifully glazed walls and the best part is that there is an opening to a sizeable terrace from the master room. Sleeping in that room will actually give you the feels like you are sleeping somewhere high up in the trees. In short, you’ll feel like living in a very very luxurious tree house.

In the third wing of the house there is this beautifully lit studio. This studio is warmer than the other volumes of the house and here the lighting is quite beautiful. This studio contains the same structure like the other rooms like a concrete ceiling and wooden walls.

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We must say that Gabriel Rivera created a one stunning place to live and it’s simply a masterpiece given by her that will make people drop their jaws easily.

Photographs by Bicubik

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