Astonishing Yacht House by Robin Monotti Architects


September 2012 is the time when the Yacht House was completed by Robin Monotti Architects. It is an 875 sq. meters contemporary building located in Crimea, Ukraine that houses four rental apartments connected by a staircase tower which provide endless views over the sea and the mountains.

It was built as a response to the Russia’s dacha tradition in a country that remembers the rough Soviet regime.

This construction is an organic composition, as the architect himself reveals, that started with the box for the boat, continued with adding the accommodation alongside, terraces and in the end with the stair tower.

Uninterrupted views are offered because of the glass railings from all balconies and terraces. The building also provides plenty of safety due to the reinforced concrete used in its construction that makes the structure capable of withstanding earthquakes.

In conclusion, this beautiful house offers luxury, gorgeous, endless views and safety. Are you thinking of renting one of the apartments?


Photos by Ioana Marinescu

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