Briones Home in Mexico by RP Arquitectos

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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RP Arquitectos designed this 1968-sq-ft residence in Veracruz, Mexico. Though it is situated on a hill top and in a forestry and wet environment, the property offers a beautiful view over an ecological reserve on another hill.

On the exterior, the house seems to be made of white volumes placed in an equilibrium state one on top of the other. The structure of the house consists of two buildings: the one up front is for the public areas of the house, while the one behind includes the private areas. The connection between the two is a crystal bridge.

The social areas – the foyer, the dinning and living rooms – have a double-height ceiling spanning over two levels. Glass walls break the roughness of the white concrete walls from place to place. They offer a nice view from the height of the house but also allow light inside to create shades and volumes, contouring differently every room. These slots of openness are contrasted by the all-glass rear façade. It connects every space to the exterior creating a nice flow of light.

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