Brick Paeco House by Studio Emanuele Scaramucci

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Paeco House located in Castel Di Lama, Italy was designed by Studio Emanuele Scaramucci who added elements of Marche architecture to the project by inserting materials such as brick, typical of rural constructions.

The ground floor accommodates the living area, while the first floor houses the sleeping area.

Because of the site which creates a height difference, this three-story house seems like a single level construction when being watched from the east and north.

The 160 m2 construction gathers both modern and traditional architecture. The “contemporary porch”, which has the role of protecting the windows from the sun and offering outdoor covered space, was created by the large overhang on the west side.

A system of insulation and photovoltaic panels turned the building into an energy efficient home. Other important characteristics consist in the fact that it was spent only €230,000 to design this house and there were necessary only 9 months to complete it.


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