Casa Val Is A Wonderful Residence In San José, Costa Rica


Casa Val is a spectacular, spacious residence that was designed by a company called Jaime Rouillon Arquitectura and built in San José, Costa Rica. Featuring breathtaking views of the city thanks to its elevated position, the residence impresses with open, airy indoor and outdoor living areas and with a generous amount of amenities that can support a carefree and luxurious lifestyle.

Inside, the atmosphere is a warm and welcoming one thanks to a carefully selected array of high quality materials and finishes in tones of gray and brown. In order to allow the owners to savor the picturesque views from almost every room, the architects decided to outfit the home with sliding glass doors and large windows.

The outdoor terrace features wooden decks, natural plants and comfortable wooden benches that were incorporated seamlessly in the design.  Spread across several levels, Casa Val ensures utmost privacy at its higher levels, where its windows feature shutters that limit the flow of natural as needed.

Photos by Sergio Pucci

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