Clean And Modern Apartment In Gothenburg, Sweden

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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Located in a fantastic spot on a street called Hvitfeldtsgatan in Gothenburg, Sweden, this welcoming, comfortable and spacious apartment is definitely a remarkable place to come home to. Featuring a stunning blend of rustic and contemporary elements, this house gives off an allure of peace and tranquility that is very hard to match by other similar homes.

The rustic elements that we mentioned before involve wooden pillars as well as wooden beams, but the exceptional hardwood floors also deserve a mention in this case. The minimalistic, white walls and contemporary furnishings are meant to bring balance the aforementioned traditional features of the abode, and they do so seamlessly.

The open space kitchen is integrated into the main living room and features a small yet inviting dining table for 6. This dining table flaunts a circular design and is placed in close proximity to a window in order to enable the owners and their guests to enjoy delicious meals and ample socialization opportunities while gazing at the fantastic panoramas of the city.

You can admire this amazing apartment by browsing through the following images.

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Photos by Alvhem Brokerage & Interior

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