Contemporary Coziness in Peak 8 Penthouse

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Created by architectural firm Michael Gallagher in collaboration with Donna Grace McAlear of New Moon Design, this remarkable home in the mountains is beautiful both outside and inside. It features 6,000 square feet of cozy spaces with a very ski resort feel.

It is known as Peak 8 Penthouse and it can be found in Breckenridge, Colorado. Large windows keep all rooms visually connected with the surroundings, and the great room is strategically situated on the third floor to take advantage of the best possible views. The different levels of the house can be accessed via a stunning staircase and an elevator.

Sophisticated and elegant, the interiors feature wood, stone, steel, stucco and glass, all carefully combined for an excellent visual effect. The color palette is clearly inspired by the beautiful nature surrounding the house. The effect is a cozy environment that everybody loves to enter after a few hours in the cold snow.

Photos by: Darren Edwards

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