Earthy Horizontal House by 81.WAW.PL

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
I'm Jane, a writer fascinated by houses. My stories are about the magic of homes and the people in them. Let's explore the secrets and joys houses hold, and discover the amazing stories behind every door. Come join me on this house-loving adventure!

The Horizontal House is a spacious and warm residence developed by 81.WAW.PL and rendered by graphic designer Michal Nowak.

It’s an earthy house, wrapped in stone and wood, giving the sense of a cozy and private environment. It features all the amenities a home needs in order to shelter a family and to ease their everyday living. The large living areas can serve for family reunions, parties and for business meetingsas well, while the patio can be organized as a playground for the children or can just be part of the whole elegant picture.

The floor-to-ceiling glass walls allow natural light to floor the interior but they also provide privacy when the big curtains are drawn.

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