Private Retreat-Alike Atherton Residence

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects designed the Atherton Residence located in Atherton, California. It is surrounded by many lush trees which filter the natural light that enters the house through the large glass walls.

This house is more like a private retreat that takes advantage of the privacy of the site and maximizes the drama of the pond.

The program is divided into four buildings: the main house, the study, the pool house and the garage and features large sliding glass doors that facilitate access to the pond and the terrace.

It’s an eco-friendly home, because the roofs are equipped with photovoltaic and solar hot water panels and the entire house is heated with a radiant system in the stone floors and cooled with the help of the operable windows, having no need for air conditioning in the summer time. It was built by using many green materials such as fly-ash concrete, formaldehyde-free casework and denim insulation.

Photos by David Wakely

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