Expansive West Lake Hills Residence by Specht Harpman


The West Lake Hills Residence is a property covered by lush live oak canopy located in Austin, Texas. It was designed by Specht Harpman that turned a dream into reality.

Large expanses of glass open this majestic residence to the amazing landscape beyond. The construction is articulated by cantilevered volumes, ribbon windows, two roof decks and a spectacular infinity edge pool.

The project is, in fact, a renovation and expansion of a 1970’s house that embraces the landscape and interleaves with the existing trees.

Various masonry walls were created in order to lift the primary mass off the ground plane and to support the “floating box” of bedroom and private spaces above the lower level.

Because the ceilings were low, the floor was lowered to follow the shape of the site creating a terraced interior landscape which provides height to rooms.


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