Fabulously Designed KHT House In Yamagata, Japan

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This fantastic residence was penned down by a team of expert architects from International Royal Architecture, and it can be found on a highly coveted location in Kahoku, YamagataJapan. Finished in 2013, the KHT House boasts with 2,120 square feet of living space, and if this isn’t enough to sweep you off your feet, just wait until you have a peek inside!

The residence was meant to be inhabited by 2 families, and so it features a one-story abode for the elderly members as well as a 2-story abode for the younger generation. These 2 houses are linked and separated by a terrace and a special Japanese style room, while the roofs are subtly linked without sharing the same height.

The interiors are spacious, welcoming and bathed in natural light throughout the day, but they also boast with an unexpected array of amenities and décor elements that give off a sense of comfort and convenience. Hanging chandeliers and sliding glass doors are just a few of the highlights contained within this special abode. See them all for yourself by having a look at the following images!

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