House at Chicureo In Santiago, Chile

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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This contemporary one-story residence can be found in Chicureo, Colina, Santiago, Chile, and it was designed by Cristian Izquierdo. It was built in 2014 on a 26,909-square foot lot, and it flaunts 1,872 square feet of living space. The house is situated just 20 minutes away from Santiago’s center, and since it was built on a relatively remote plot, it benefits from privacy and great open views of the sky and of the surrounding environment.

These views can be admired through its glass walls and glass windows that help blur the limits between the indoors and outdoors. The common areas face each other and include all the necessary amenities and facilities in order to sustain a comfortable lifestyle. One of the most important parts of this home is a special pavilion structure that is supported by 16 metallic columns and features a glass-enclosed patio at its core.

The single tree that can be found at the heart of the abode adds a welcomed touch of naturalness.

Photos by Alberto Browne

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