Lovely Contemporary Apartment by Studio Guilherme Torres

Lovely Contemporary Apartment By Studio Guilherme Torres

Studio Guilherme Torres is an interior design and architecture firm in Sao Paulo. One of their most impressive projects is this lovely apartment in Curitibia, Brazil. The owners gave the studio free hand to do whatever they saw fit with this 1,560-sq.ft. dwelling, and they only asked for a chic contemporary home.

They were not pleased with the too traditional feel of the original apartment, so they wanted to see a significant change at the end of the project. Fortunately, they got exactly that, as the designers set their imagination free and came up with a minimalist contemporary interior that the owners just loved.

Some of the apartment’s key elements include an exposed structural column at the entry, a pinus wood covered wall, and numerous furniture pieces designed by Studio Guilherme Torres.

Lovely Contemporary Apartment by Studio Guilherme Torres

Photos by: Denilson Machado

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