Moliner House – A True Poet’s Dwelling

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Commissioned by a poet, the Moliner House is a wonderful retreat where one can live, dream, read, write, create, and think. It was created by Alberto Campe Baeza, a design studio based in Madrid, who completed the project in 2008.

Located in Zaragoza, Spain, the house is like a white box that is isolated from the world by a tall, white concrete wall. A completely separate world is created behind these walls, with leafy trees and an impeccable nude garden. The three levels of the residence have different functions, responding to its dwellers’ need for both privacy and openness.

The deepest level is the sleeping area, where the bedrooms are housed like in an intimate cave. Above this level there is the open living area with large translucent glass panels that connect it to the outside space. The highest point is for dreaming: it houses a library with translucent glazing. The diffuse light that penetrates this space invites one to meditate and dream – a perfect spot for a poet.

Moliner House – A True Poet’s Dwelling Moliner House – A True Poet’s Dwelling

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