Monsoon Retreat Residence in Maharashtra, India

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Built in 2013 and designed by Abraham John ARCHITECTS, the spectacular Monsoon Retreat can be found in Khandala, Maharashtra, India. The residence was designed to blend seamlessly into its surroundings, which is why it features earthly tones of brown and red as part of its exterior façade. By incorporating both traditional and contemporary elements in its exterior design, the architects in charge of the construction process ensured that the Monsoon Retreat would boast a fresh, appealing and welcoming appearance.

On the inside, we find exquisite accommodation options in the form of 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, but the residence also features its own powder room, staff room and a fully equipped kitchen. The interior arrangements impress with a generous selection of amenities and facilities that ensure a comfortable and laid-back lifestyle. For entertainment and socialization purposes, the dining room was placed at an elevated position above the swimming pool and was adorned with a beautiful tree.

As its name suggests, the Monsoon Retreat is able to withstand the unfavorable weather conditions such as the extreme monsoon rains that occur in the area. For this reason, the house was outfitted with sloping roofs, while the sturdy materials that were used in the abode’s construction ensure utmost reliability and resilience.

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