New Korean Vi-Sang House by Moon Hoon


Vi-Sang House located in Gyeonggi-do, Korea was completed by Moon Hoon architects in 2011. At a first glimpse we could say that this project is strangely shaped and we might be right. Why’s that? Because the house was built under the personal and subjective touch of the architects.

The building also got the name of an Inchworm House just because of its particular shape that consists of two ends: one touching the ground and the other one standing straight into the sky.

The construction looks like it’s moving due to the windows that are arranged in a V form.  The living room and the second floor are connected through a stair. When climbing the stairs, on the half way up, we find a dressing room that was initially designed to be a nursery. If we continue moving, the stairs will lead to an attic room placed above the dressing room.

The attic is connected to the eastern wall of the living room by a corridor that leads up to the second floor and immediately to the bedroom. Another passage that helps us get to this space, also leads to the baby’s room and from there, to the bedroom.

When leaving the bedroom, we find a small indoor terrace and a big wall on the opposite side that serves as a screen.

We can say that this house preserves its own aura because of its individual story and because it presents a new face of the Korean architecture.


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