Opulent Manor In Lakehurst Avenue, Dallas, Texas


This luxurious manor was designed in 2000 by architect C.C. Nelson, and it was built on a 0.43-acre lot on Lakehurst Avenue, Dallas, Texas. Located just 16-minutes away from Downtown Dallas, the house flaunts 7,056 square feet of living space and includes five lavish bedrooms as well as five bathrooms. Its exterior design gives off a feeling of elegance and fine taste that carries on throughout its interiors. Here, the owners are able to enjoy a plethora of high quality finishes as well as superb decors and impressive feats of architecture such as high ceilings and columns.

The entire property is priced at $2.6 million, which is a bargain considering its exquisiteness. Large chandeliers, beautiful works of art and antique furnishings are just some of the most noteworthy highlights of this stunning home. The different floors are connected by an interior staircase, which features wooden steps, a large carpet and wrought iron railings.

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