Sustainable Residence In Kirkland, Washington, USA

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Featuring 3,900 square feet of living space, this unique project in Kirkland, Washington was designed by Medici Architects, and it represents a Built Green 5-Star certified home. It was put together with great attention to detail using reclaimed materials and energy efficient building techniques. It boasts a net-zero energy usage due to its advanced framing, solar-ready rooftop features, heat recovery ventilation systems, triple- glazed windows and high impact insulation.

Inside, a plethora of wooden elements adorn the floors, walls and ceilings and contribute to a comfortable and warm ambiance. The different levels of the house are accessed using an interior staircase, which flaunts “floating” wooden steps. The house was built in one of the most coveted areas in King County, and it looks like a perfect place to come home to after a hard day’s work.

From the architect:

A Skillful Fusion of Sustainable Features & Reclaimed Materials

Dwell Development LLC, a Seattle-based sustainable residential developer, is pleased to introduce the completion of a 5-Star Built Green Home in Downtown Kirkland.

As the only residential developer in Seattle that exclusively builds Built Green 5-Star certified homes, the Dwell Development team decided to cross the Lake with their newest project to up the ante for sustainable building on the Eastside. The 3,900 square-foot home is the result of a conscious and skillful blend of energy efficient building techniques and reclaimed materials.

Dwell Development builds high performance homes to encourage the evolution of sustainable building standards and leave traditional methods behind. All homes are built to accommodate net-zero energy usage, which include solar-ready rooftop configurations, advanced framing, high impact insulation, triple- glazed windows, and heat recovery ventilation systems.

Environmentally conscious elements are integrated into the design throughout the building process from framing to final interior touches.Unique reclaimed materials are carefully sought out for exterior siding, floors, countertops and tile.The dynamic mix of reclaimed materials and modern design make this green home one-of-a-kind and sets the bar high for residential development on the Eastside. Located just east of Market in Downtown Kirkland, an area of the Eastside that has gone through a dramatic transformation in recent years becoming one the hottest markets in King County, make this green home a particularly attractive investment.

The prime location speaks to Dwell Developmentā€™s thoughtful approach to residential building; selecting pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods with a lot to offer residents. The waterfront location combined with an array of new boutiques, restaurants, tech companies and parks make Kirkland a desirable area to raise a family.

Architects: Medici Architects
Location: 325 6th Avenue, Kirkland, WA 98033, USA
Area: 3900.0 ft2
Photographs: Tucker English
Contractor: Dwell NW
Structural Engineer: Hodge Engineering

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