Transformative Home as the Future in Architecture

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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The need to maximize space is a necessity that will become more and more stringent in the future. Having this in mind, the YO!Home that was seen at London’s 100% Design Exhibition seems to be the perfect house. It is inspired from the Japanese apartments and gives every corner of the house at least a double use.

Pieces of furniture or even entire rooms move around the house like a yo-yo. The bedroom set on top of the living, or the writing desk becoming the wine cellar, or the kitchen coming out of the walls… a total of twelve moving items hide a spacious house inside an apartment.

Some of the hiding spaces are already used on modern houses. An example is the entertainment system that comes out of the floor or the wide screen coming down from the ceiling. However, most of the solutions proposed by this new concept are innovative and easy to implement.

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