Exceptional A.B House In São Paulo, Brazil

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Featuring 14,681 square feet of living space as well as a spectacular, contemporary design, the A.B House is located in the great city of São Paulo in Brazil, and it was designed by a team of architects from Andrade Morettin Arquitetos Associados. This design team was composed of Thiago Natal Duarte, Renata Andrulis, Marina Mermelstein, Marcio Tanaka, Merten Nefs, José Paulo Gouvêa and Marcelo Maia Rosa, but the structural engineer was Heloísa Maringoni from Companhia de Projetos. The installations were taken care of by Pessoa e Zamaro Projeto de Instalações, while the lighting arrangements were installed by Carlos Bertolucci and Guilherme Artigas from Companhia de Iluminação.

The outstanding landscaping for this special 2008 project was designed by Isabel Duprat from Isabel Duprat Arquitetura Paisagística, and the window systems as well as the air conditioning systems were implemented by AC & D Consultoria em Alumínio e Participações and Duílio Terzi respectively.

The residence was built in a privileged location, within a green residential district in São Paulo, and so it boasts a direct link with its surrounding natural environment. Inside, the social areas can be found on the ground floor, which is placed in very close proximity to a terrace. The terrace as well as the nearby gardens can be reached easily thanks to a series of large glass sliding doors that can create a 45-foot opening at ground level. The upstairs volume is a transparent box that appears to be floating above the garden thanks to a central concrete pillar that ensures much needed support. This translucent volume boasts silkscreen-printed glass that filters sunlight in order to ensure visual and thermal comfort.

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