Genuine Renovated Loft in Bucharest BY TECON

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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The following project located in Bucharest, Romania is a renovated loft  by TECON, with a strong character due to the beams spread all over the space that support the ceiling, becoming in this way a functional decoration. It’s innovative, useful and elegant!

Despite the fact that it wasn’t used for a long period of time, the owner decided to turn it into housing and he made the right decision. Due to the secondary stair, the attic can now function independently, just like a normal apartment.

The windows, placed in the highest area of the loft, permit the light to enter and to pamper the living area, the kitchen, the bedroom, the storage and the toilets.

A higher area in the attic was turned into a partial extra floor made out of glass in order to let the light ,that comes from the roof windows, to enter at the same magnitude.

Photos by Cosmin Dragomir

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