Majestic Three Wall House in LA, California

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Three Wall House is a two-story contemporary residence designed by Kovac Architects, an architecture studio in Los Angeles. The house too is located in LA, California, and it is set on an irregular hilltop, offering lovely views of the pastoral surroundings.

A long driveway leads to this minimalist residence. The architects decided to use the fact that the house would be built on a hill, and they found a way to only reveal it gradually, as one approached the top of the site. Once arrived at the top of the driveway, guests can see fragments of the realm that lies beyond the home’s wall, through slits. The full beauty of the house is only revealed when people take the final turn into the motor court.

Framed by three huge walls, the residence has it all. It flaunts a generous family room that opens towards the lovely terraces, while the gardens and outdoor swimming pool are perfect relaxation spots for owners and guests alike. Living in a home like this, close to nature and surrounded by trees is a rare privilege.

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Majestic Three Wall House in LA, California

Photos by: Lars Frazer

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