Spacious Open Art House In Ivrea, Italy

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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Designed by Leonardo Porcelli, the Open Art House is a splendid residence that can be found within the picturesque town of Ivrea, Italy. The abode boasts a minimalistic yet elegant atmosphere that was created by implementing a mix of contemporary furnishings and high quality finishes. The bright red of the sofas and chairs found in the living room contrasts nicely with the crisp white walls and gray floor tiles, but another important aesthetic element comes in the form of an old-looking exposed brick wall that marks the transition into the kitchen area.

The wall appears worn out and beaten, and it contrasts with the contemporary paintings that hang from the opposing walls. This way, the residence flaunts a combination of old and new elements, of classic and contemporary motifs that manage to coexist harmoniously despite their obvious differences. Furthermore, aside from a spacious main level, the Open Art House also features an upper level that can be reached via a staircase. This area appears to be more private and features comfortable chairs, a large table and a generous window that allows plenty of natural light within.

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