The Gouse By Marta Nowicka: A Beautiful House To Live In

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Luke Martin
Luke Martin
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Before getting started with this uniquely named house “The Gouse,” let’s first take a little time to appreciate the creative designer Marta Nowicka who actually build a stunning three-story residence on a former garage. Yes, you read it right, and this is also the reason behind it’s weird but unique name “Gouse.” Marta thought of coming up with something that mixed the word “house” and “garage,” and that’s how she came with “The Gouse.” She just wanted to pay a little tribute to the garage where she built a beautiful house that caught the eye of several people and other famous designers.

Speaking of the house, it’s a one lovely place to live, it’s front side faces the road, and the back side faces old fashioned terraces and Victorian buildings. This house comes with three stories and not two because Marta didn’t have much space which is why instead of growing the house horizontally, she invested in making the bedrooms vertically. But still, with much less space, we must say that she created a masterpiece. As far as the measurement is concerned, well, the plot is only of 45 square meters and the most interesting part is that Marta bought this place without even visiting it. She just saw it online and then bought it there.

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Unlike anything you have ever seen before, the exterior walls of this house aren’t made of concrete or wood, in fact, they are all covered in cedar shingles just like the way the old garage stood in its place. This house also comes with a basement that has light wells inside to keep the place bright and all lit. Also, there is a living wall in the house, and you can easily see one story from another mainly due to the glass wall sections.

The glass windows of the house give a beautiful view of the gardens and plots neighboring it. There even is a private patio in the house that is specifically built for peace and privacy, this patio is all covered with brick walls. There’s a wood burner placed in the basement of the house so that when it’s freezing out there in England, people and guests can go to the basement, fire up the burner and sit in the warm and cozy basement.

Again, Marta deserves a lot of appreciation for how she used such less space to build and design such a beautiful small house and she also preserved and secured the partial garage look. She did a fantastic job, and she even got a lot of appreciation for it from her other designer friends. The designers and builders did their best to preserve the end of the garden character, and they also made sure that the original garage was improved in such a way that it met the style of a new building.

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