Contemporary Home in Sao Paulo by Tacoa Arquitectos

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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This Sao Paulo residence was designed by Tacoa Arquitectos. The desire of the owners was to have a single-level home with a southern view.

However, the architects’ main challenge was to bring this single-level house on the same level as the garden and water. To create a perfect terrain for the house and the garden, the land went through a processes of excavation and landfill. The dwelling’s structure revolves around two pillars and a set of beams that offer the needed support for the concrete roof.

The solution for the one-level home was to have its different areas divided into blocks: one block for the dining and living room, one for the bedrooms, one for the kitchen area, another for the pool and terrace. All the service areas are also gathered in one single block.

However, most of these blocks are connected by sliding doors or glass walls. For example, the kitchen area with the barbeque block is separated by the dining room by a massive wood door. By sliding the door to one side the kitchen connects to the pool side, or, to the other side, with the dining room. The same principle is applied to the social block of rooms, but this time the architects used glass walls that run across the entire space to create three different spaces.

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This home has a clever use of space and also fulfils the owners wish to have no secondary levels.

Photos by Leonardo Finotti

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