Lonsdale Road Home In London, England

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The superb residence that we’re about to present is named Lonsdale Road, and it comes with an impressive combination of modern and classic features. It is located in London, England and was sketched out by by Granit Chartered Architects with coziness, comfort and elegance in mind. This is not exactly the most spacious house in London but it is definitely one of the most amazing ones nonetheless. Its living spaces boast high quality furnishings and facilities as well as natural plants that add a touch of liveliness and naturalness.

The living room, kitchen and dining area are all a part of the same open space, which flaunts floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding glass doors that fade the limits between the interior and exterior spaces. At the back of the house, we find a patio that has its own dining area and lounging area. Lonsdale Road has three levels that are linked by an interior staircase. The lower floors comprise the social spaces, while the upper levels include the lavishly appointed bedrooms and the bathrooms.

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